Velichkov, Zhelyazkov & Partners Law Firm provides highly qualified legal defence of its Bulgarian and foreign clients before all Bulgarian courts, as well as domestic and international arbitration tribunals.

Civil and Commercial Legal Disputes
The law firm provides legal representation in civil law disputes concerning contractual law, rights in rem, insurance issues, etc. Our activities include analysis of the available evidence, collection of new evidence, bringing of civil lawsuits and defence there of before all judicial instances in this country.

Administrative Process, Labour Disputes, Intellectual Property Rights
In the field of the administrative process, labour disputes, competition rules and public procurement the lawyers at Velichkov, Zhelyazkov & Partners Law Firm :
– represent their clients before tax authorities, the Commission for Protection of Competition, legal entities as third parties and all the judiciary bodies;
– consult our clients on legal disputes and represent and defend them before employers, the National Revenue Agency and others;
– collaborate in the drafting and review of the documentation for participation in public procurement procedures with regard to its disputed aspects; file appeals and defend our clients in public procurement cases in court, as well as competition law cases at the Commission for Protection of Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court.

The legal representation before domestic and international arbitration institutions includes:
– representation in litigation on various matters;
– obtaining of writs of execution based on arbitration awards;
– legal defence in cases heard by the Supreme Court of Cassation concerning the appeal against domestic arbitration awards.